Drive Defensively on the Road in DeKalb County

June 5, 2020

As restrictions ease, more cars are returning to the road and as there will be more cars, inevitably, there will be more distracted drivers. As you resume travel, McGahren Law would like to remind everyone to be safe on the roads. Over the years, we have had quite a few cases where our clients have been negligently hit by distracted drivers. Sadly, in our experience we expect that many more clients will be retaining our services for the same reasons. The reality is that some people have not installed hands free devices. Instead, some will avoid the law and drive their cars while looking down at their laps with their eyes off the road. Eventually their luck will run out. For this reason, one keepsake that we give our clients is a hands-free device to hold their phones.

For more information, consider reading our previous related article “Hands Off the Cell Phone!”, or review current Georgia “Hands Free Law” or this article on defensive driving. In a nutshell, please drive safely but don’t expect that everyone else will do the same. When you drive in a parking lot, watch for that car that backs out of a spot without looking. When you see children playing on a street, look for the child who runs out unexpectedly. Expect that person on his or her smart phone not to see you. If you are that person who hurts someone while distracted driving, just know that your cell phone records may reveal you bad habits.


LEGAL WATCH UPDATE: A bill entitled an Act to Amend Chapter 8 of Title 40 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, became law July 1st of 2022. Georgia SB 165 | 2021-2022 bill affects the requirements on autonomous vehicles. Defensive drivers might not see flashing strobe lights on very slow-moving vehicles on Georgia Highways as they are no longer required. For more information.

DISCLAIMER: The information herein is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For any legal matters, we urge you to take the advice of an attorney familiar with your case.