Drive Defensively on the Road

As restrictions ease, more cars are returning to the road and as there will be more cars, inevitably, there will be more distracted drivers. As you resume travel, McGahren Law… Read More »

Dog Bites are Still a Risk!

While we all love our pets, unfortunately, some owners don’t act in the best interest of their dogs. Dog attack incidents can occur when they are careless and do… Read More »
Person standing on an escalator

Escalator Risks & Accidents

The first operational escalator was patented in 1892 and installed on Coney Island, New York, as an amusement ride.1 It was made principally of wood but metal fabricated escalators soon… Read More »

Forklift Injuries & Lawsuits

Are forklift injuries & lawsuits common? According to OSHA, forklift accidents are one of the most common types of work related accidents. So while the guidelines and regulations have become… Read More »

Beware of Pre-Settlement Funding

We often encounter clients strapped for cash due to an injury or sudden change in economic conditions. Waiting on the results of a settlement can be frustrating as the process… Read More »

Hands Off The Cell Phone

The law regarding cell phone usage while driving in Georgia is written such that you can be fined if you are touching the phone while talking with any part of… Read More »

How Do You Know If You Have Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

While a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has features which can be quickly diagnosed with an MRI or CT scan, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury can occur with just a jolt to… Read More »

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Can Cause Real and Long-Lasting Damage

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is estimated to affect 1.6 million people in the United States each year [in 1991], and of these, 75% are classified as mild TBI (MTBI) [2003].… Read More »
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