Negligence Claim for Serious Foot Injury by Forklift

Truck driver’s left foot was crushed by a I-Beam that fell from a forklift while his flatbed truck was being loaded at a shipyard. Evidence exists that forklift operator’s certification and training had expired. OUTCOME: Partial Settlement of One Million Dollars. Case is still active.

Wrongful Death and Injury Claims Caused by Drunk Driver

17-year-old male passenger died upon impact with a vehicle recklessly driven by an intoxicated driver. Mother and Father sustained serious mental and physical injuries. RESULT: Settled prior to trial via a full tender of available insurance coverage.

Negligence Claim for Children Injured while using crosswalk

Two minor children were seriously injured when they were hit at a crosswalk by a pick-up truck. Their injuries resulted in long-term hospitalization and permanent and limiting longstanding injuries. RESULT: Case settled for $2.2 million.  

Defamation and Libel Claim for Reputation Damage to Accountant

Employee of company who resigned was accused by disgruntled employer of embezzlement. Police investigation revealed claims against employee were unsubstantiated. Subsequently employer published article implied employee had embezzled from him. Employer refused to retract such statements and suit was filed. OUTCOME: Trial verdict awarded in the amount of $750,000.

Negligence Claim for Arm Injury

Female passenger sustained injuries to her arm resulting in multiple surgeries and permanent limitations due to driver’s negligence in striking a tree. OUTCOME: Settled prior to Trial for $875,000.

Premises Liability Claim for Ankle Injury Caused by Hazardous Conditions in a Restaurant.

Elderly woman severely fractured her ankle requiring 5 pins to be inserted in her ankle. She fell while at a restaurant due to hazardous conditions created from ongoing construction. Medical bills were approximately $19,000. OUTCOME: Jury verdict In Gwinnett County for $250,000.

Negligence Claim for Serious Arm Injury Sustained by a Passenger During Test Drive of an ATV

A male passenger was encouraged by a salesperson to join him on a test drive of an ATV. During the test drive, salesperson drove at a high speed and flipped the ATV resulting in the passenger severely fracturing his arm leading to several surgeries and permanent injury. OUTCOME: Settled for $400,000 prior to Trial.

Wrongful Death Claim Due to Negligent Security

A man living at an extended stay hotel attempted to break up an assault on a pregnant woman but was tragically stabbed to death by the assailant. Evidence revealed the management of the hotel complex should have known of, due to hundreds of prior incidents of criminal activity and violence on their premises yet failed to adequately protect their renters. Defendant claimed that the decedent claim’s failed since he has had been the aggressor. In addition, they claimed they had no prior notice of violent criminal conduct. OUTCOME: Settled prior to trial for $500,000.  

Negligent Security Claim for Injury Sustained During the 1996 Summer Olympics Bombing

Male spectator was present at an event at Olympic Centennial Park when explosion unexpectedly occurred resulting in serious arm injury. Suit was filed for negligent and/or insufficient security against various entities, including the Atlanta Committee of Olympic Games. OUTCOME: Confidential Settlement reached after ten years of litigation.

Negligence Suit against Norfolk Southern Railroad for Damages, Pain and Suffering

Railroad crossing collision where locomotive struck slammed into a car launching it, and its teenage passengers, into the air. Our firm represented one teenage girl who sustained serious bone fractures, facial scarring and disfigurement, and other injuries due to impacts sustained from a moving train weighing in excess of 240,000 pounds. We filed suit against the railway with a negligence claim based on Federal Railroad Safety Act and State Law, citing evidence that the crossing signals were not functioning properly (More Information...) and proving that Norfolk Southern Railway was negligent for failing to maintaining the track, and that the train operator had not followed procedures to produce a warning sound at a railroad crossings in violation of O.C.G.A. § 46-8-190, among other numerous code violations contained within our complaint to the Superior Court. RESULTS: Defendants negotiated a confidential settlement prior to trial.