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Asleep At The Wheel

What is drowsy driving? Drowsy driving (or driving while tired) can lead to slower reaction times, as well as impaired attention, mental processing, judgment and decision-making. According to the National… Read More »

Dangerous Drivers Negligent Truckers And Their Employers

Undoubtedly commercial truck drivers have one of the most difficult jobs. Drivers spend hours behind the wheel of large vehicles carrying tons of cargo often on dangerous roadways and in… Read More »

Social Security Disability: Increasing Your Odds Of Getting Approved For Benefits At The Appeals Stage

When you initially send in an application for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, you may think that having a lawyer might not be all that useful to you. But, having… Read More »

Social Security Disability: Increase Your Chances Of Getting Approved At The Evaluation Stage

Social Security disability applicants, take note: many disability claims are wrongfully denied at the initial evaluation or decision-making level. The good news is that the majority of cases that are… Read More »

Car Accidents A Closer Look At Negligence

Negligence often plays a significant part in many car accidents that occur throughout the state of Georgia and elsewhere in the country. Generally speaking, negligence occurs when an individual fails… Read More »

Thinking of Hiring A Personal Injury? Lawyer Be Sure To Ask These Questions First

If youve been injured in an accident or incident of some kind, you may be searching for an attorney to help you fight for your rights and the just compensation… Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Need A Will

If you dont decide how you want your estate to be distributed upon your death, the State of Georgia will decide for you. Having a Will is less expensive as… Read More »

Applying The Fair Labor Standards Act To Your Business

Each employer, and those that are seeking to start a business and hire employees, must understand the federal laws and regulations that apply to them, including the Fair Labor Standards… Read More »

Liability Of Cities For Injuries On Streets And Sidewalks

As a general rule, it is very difficult, though not impossible, to sue the government. This difficulty arises from the doctrine of sovereign immunity, which prevents suits against governmental entities,… Read More »

Recovery Of Emotional Distress Damages For Negligent Acts

The following is quoted from Presiding Judge Doyles opinion in Oliver v. McDade, 328 Ga.App. 368 (2014): John McDade was riding as a passenger in his own truck, which was… Read More »

Does Title Vii Apply To Your Business Considering The Numerosity Threshold For Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964

The number of employees your business has determines whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to your business. This is because of the numerosity threshold that… Read More »

Time Limits For Enforcing Restrictive Covenants Recent Developments

For any homeowners association charged with enforcing restrictive covenants, it is worth keeping a close eye on the development of Georgia law in this area, particularly with respect to the… Read More »
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