McGahren Law & Lisa Miller featured on the Dr. Oz Show

July 5, 2019

Last December, I flew to New York City to appear on the Doctor Oz show with my courageous client Ms. Lisa Miller. Unfortunately, it was only hours before the episode “Evil Doctors Caught On Tape” originally aired on January 3rd 2019 that we were able to let others know how they might be able to see it. Fortunately, however, the episode can now be seen online. Please check it out if you can, this link will lead you to the segment split into 8 parts. We again thank Ms. Lisa Miller for her willingness to tell her story in order to inspire others to stand up to physicians and members of medical boards that fail to put patients before themselves.

GUESTS: Attorney Matthew McGahren, Dr. Casey Jordan, Dr. Jennifer Caudle, Talia Pollock, Lisa Miller

Dr. Oz