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Truck Accidents

Being involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle can have devastating results, especially for the driver of the automobile. Sadly, collisions that occur between automobiles and large commercial trucks are quite severe due to the fact that commercial vehicles, like 18-wheelers and huge Mack trucks, far outweigh passenger vehicles, SUVs and pickup trucks. The force of an accident can ultimately crush an automobile and it is not uncommon for drivers and passengers alike to experience substantial injuries or even death.

McGahren Law is a law firm with attorneys who have considerable experience in handling truck accident cases. When you choose to work with our firm, you will receive guidance from a skilled Peachtree Corners truck accident lawyer who understands the seriousness of such accidents.

Beware: Truck Accidents Differ From Automobile Accidents

Make no mistake about it – the laws, discovery process, accident investigation and general technology involved in commercial truck collisions differ greatly from those associated with automobile collision cases. That is why it is crucial for truck accident victims to work with skilled truck accident lawyers. At McGahren Law, we have the ability to competently and effectively represent those injured in a truck crash. We are well aware of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the body of law governing truckers, and we are familiar with various other aspects of the trucking industry, including insurance coverage issues, trucking technology and the multistate discovery process that is often involved in such cases.

When it comes to handling truck cases, all attorneys are not equal. You would not want to hire an attorney who only handles wills and estates or real estate law to handle your truck crash case. The trucking companies have a staff of attorneys on-call to handle their case once an incident takes place – if you are injured in a collision, you need to be just as prepared.

McGahren Law Will Work Hard For You

Over the years, we have seen the devastating results of truck vs. automobile collisions and unfortunately, we’ve noticed a recurring pattern with respect to the types of truck accidents that lead to major injuries and/or death.

For instance, one of the more dangerous types of truck crashes are head-on collisions. When a small automobile is hit head-on by a huge commercial vehicle, the outcome tends to be deadly. Speed, as well as the mass and momentum of the truck often means that those who are traveling in the smaller automobile will end up facing life-changing injuries, if they survive the crash. Such accidents can occur due to the trucker being pressured to “rush” to make a delivery, or it may be caused by trucker fatigue or distraction. Whatever the cause, McGahren Law is here to help the accident victim and/or his or her family members deal with the legal aspects of the crash.

Our firm is prepared to work hard for you to ensure all potential parties are held responsible for your damages. Quite often, truck collisions are caused by a truck driver’s (or trucking company’s) negligence. Let us help you fight for your rights. Contact McGahren Law today.


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