Bicycle And Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents involving bike riders and pedestrians take place every day throughout Georgia. Individuals operating motor vehicles have an obligation and responsibility to use care when driving, making sure to remain watchful for pedestrians, providing them with sufficient room to maneuver and giving them the right of way when they are in crosswalks. McGahren Law injury attorneys have extensive experience with handling bicycle and pedestrian accidents and we vigorously advocate on behalf of our injured clients, ensuring they receive the proper medical attention and compensation needed after an accident occurs.

Most Pedestrian Accidents Can Be Avoided

One of the most common places for a pedestrian accident is a crosswalk. Before turning through or pulling into a crosswalk, drivers are expected and required to carefully look to ensure the roadway is clear from pedestrians before proceeding. Still, pedestrians are injured on a routine basis by drivers who were distracted at the time of the incident. Even when pedestrians are walking down sidewalks or standing at the curb, inattentive or preoccupied drivers can potentially injure or kill crowds of individuals by driving over curbs onto the sidewalk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) noted a number of pedestrian crash fatality trends in a 2008 report. According to the report, more pedestrian fatalities took place in cities at non-intersection locations. The report also found that males were more likely to be hit than females.

Cyclists Are At Risk Too

McGahren Law attorneys have seen many cases involving injured cyclists. Serious accidents can take place with bikers, particularly when motor vehicle operators drive in bike lanes, make turns into cyclists and/or “door” a biker. In Georgia, especially around the metro Atlanta area, cyclists can be seen on a regular basis taking advantage of beautiful weather and/or simply riding around local neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many local roadways do not have bike lanes, which means bikers are forced to share the road with large automobiles, SUV and commercial trucks.

Accidents can also occur due to defective roadways or hazardous conditions on bike paths. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the laws pertaining to bike riders, as well as the various components and complexities surrounding bike accidents. That is why it is crucial for injured bike riders to seek legal guidance as soon as possible after an accident in order to ensure their rights are fully preserved and protected.

In many instances, bicycle accidents are the result of other cyclists, especially when riding on mountain trails or during local races. Additionally, some accidents are caused by poor road conditions, such as potholes and other defects.

Contact McGahren Law right away if you, your child or your loved one has been injured in a bike or pedestrian accident. We have handled both pedestrian and cyclist collisions and we are prepared to work hard to make sure all appropriate parties are held responsible. Such cases require an in-depth look into the facts and circumstances surrounding the crash. If you have questions or concerns about your accident, call us.