Wills Trusts Estates

We understand the importance of providing for ourselves in our older years, for those we care for, for times when we may not be able to care for them or ourselves, and to make sure that those we leave behind when we pass away are given the things we intended them to have. Our attorneys have substantial experience in drafting and administering wills and trusts. We provide efficient, responsive, and cost-effective legal advice and services to individuals and families in the following areas:

  • Guardianship (Minor and Adult)
  • Powers Of Attorney
  • Probate of Estates
  • Representation of Executors and/or Administrators
  • Trusts (Revocable and Irrevocable)
  • Wills (including Living Wills)

We have handled complex probate litigation cases related to contested inheritance issues and contested issues related to guardianship of person or property (for minors and incapacitated adults) and routinely work with financial planners and tax consultants to assist with estate planning in the form of wills and trusts.

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