Appeals (Appellate Court)

McGahren Law has over [_bd_codeblock name=”time-since” date=”1994″ show_units=”yes”] experience helping individuals and businesses pursue appeals in higher courts.

When a higher court’s decision delivers justice to our clients, we will defend it if appealed. Likewise, we will seek to overturn results that deliver injustice to our clients. Through our passion and persistence we have achieved a series of victories in appellate court.

Our lawyers are very skilled in research and drafting persuasive briefs, as well as presenting convincing oral arguments to various panels of judges in both state and federal courts.

Here are some of the arenas we have achieved victories:

  • Georgia, Florida and North Carolina Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  • Various state and federal District Courts
  • The Fourth and Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Participation in a joint appeal by multiple parties to the Judicial Panel of Multi-District Litigation
  • The United States Supreme Court