The City of Marietta in Cobb County, Georgia Bans Street Racing

November 30, 2022

Street racing is against the law in Georgia, and Marietta has some specific language in their city ordinances. Below is the sort of language you can expect to find that defines street racing violations.

Marietta, Georgia – Code of Ordinances, PART 9 – MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC, CHAPTER 9-4 – GENERAL TRAFFIC REGULATIONS, 9-4-121 – Street racing prohibited.

Illegal street racing and reckless driving exhibition means a motor vehicle speed contest using public highways, streets, or rights-of-way in violation of applicable motor vehicle and traffic laws, including, without limitation, O.C.G.A. §§ 40-6-186, 40-6-251 and 40-6-390; this definition includes, but is not limited to, situations in which:

    1. A group of motor vehicles or individuals has arrived at a location for the purpose of participating in the event;
    2. A group of individuals has gathered on private property open to the general public without the consent of the owner, operator, or agent thereof for the purpose of participating in the event;
    3. One or more individuals has impeded the free public use of a public street, sidewalk or highway by actions, words, or physical barriers for the purpose of conducting the event;
    4. Two or more vehicles have lined up with motors running for an illegal motor vehicle speed contest or exhibition of speed;
    5. One or more drivers is revving the engine or spinning the tires in preparation for the event; or
    6. An individual is stationed at or near one or more motor vehicles serving as a race starter.

(Ord. No. 8221 , 4/14/2021, § 1)

For more information, see; full text.

This section of Marietta’s Code of Ordinances continues with Violations, Penalties and Proving a Violation.

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