If I’m not from ‘Around Here’ – how do I deal with a Speeding Ticket in Georgia?

If you were just ‘passing through’ on your way to work or enjoying a visit, being arrested or ticketed can change your trip dramatically. McGahren Law has comprehensive experience representing clients with traffic offenses and more serious misdemeanors such as DUI and drug possession charges, criminal, and felony. We’ve noticed that the combination of legal trouble and ‘out of town’ are a frustrating mix.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics In 2011, an estimated 42% of face-to-face contacts that U.S. residents had with police were due to traffic stops. About half of all traffic stops that year resulted in a traffic ticket.

Having a ticket in another state isn’t just an inconvenience; if you can’t make or forget a court appearance, you can be charged with “failure to appear” which results in a bench warrant and can escalate to an arrest warrant. This is when you need someone familiar with Georgia laws and procedures. As locals to the metropolitan area north of Atlanta with more than 25 years of experience, McGahren Law can help you navigate the courts.

If it costs too much to travel back, or you are unable to appear in court, or a mandatory court appearance, you can plea in Absentia. That means a lawyer will appear in court with your affidavit and appear before a judge. We will fight on your behalf to reach the best decision in your case. The fees, fines and court costs will then be established, and you are finished provided the court accepts your plea. If there is a penalty, you can then pay online or through the attorney’s trust account if necessary.

In Georgia, we service counties and cities like Gwinnett, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Norcross, Chamblee, Lilburn, Doraville, Duluth and Roswell, where law enforcement has been prolific in issuing traffic citations. This can be a real burden for people just passing through. We felt it was time to address this issue. Give us a call for a quick quote and have us put the law behind you.

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Plea In Absentia: when you can’t appear in court