Gwinnett County

City of Buford Uses Standard Gwinnett County Animal Control Ordinances

Here is an example of a city that makes no changes from those adopted by Gwinnett County. Buford, Georgia - Code of Ordinances, Chapter 8 - ANIMAL CONTROL Sec.… Read More »

Forsyth County has adopted the uniform rules of the road for Georgia

Forsyth County, Georgia - Code of Ordinances Chapter 78 - TRAFFIC AND VEHICLES ARTICLE I. - IN GENERAL To better serve our clients, we like to keep current with changes… Read More »

Gwinnett County, Norcross and Peachtree Corners Differ on Maximum Truck Weights

While federal laws apply in all cases involving commercial transports that cross state lines, additional regulations or limits on trucking put in place by states, counties and/or cities must always… Read More »